The NOVATAR was founded by Hasan Oguzyigit in 1979.
NOVATAR Company has been manufacturing agricultural
loaders for 40 years in the agricultural sector, like tractor
rear & front loader, agricultural attachments for backhoe and
tractor loaders.
NOVATAR company was recognized by worldwide farmers
with high quality, after-sales service, and ease of use in a
short time and gained a reliable place in the market.
Our company, which specializes in tractor front and rear
loader group and attachment production, has always aimed
to produce high-quality, strong, and easy-to-use products in
production in order to be permanent in the sector.
Our customers who know our sensitivity to this issue, prefer
us again to buy products. Also, they recommend us to other
customers to choose our company. We are very sensitive
about after-sales service so that our customers are not
aggrieved in any way.
We have done accurate, honest, and reliable trade with
our expert and experienced staff for 40 years. It is our
biggest goal to grow with you as a Novatar Family, without
compromising on these issues, by protecting the trust of
Our products have experiment reports and CE certificates
from Selcuk University, Faculty of Agricultural Machinery
Your suggestions and complaints are our biggest richness!